When asked the religion

One of the most tricky and controversial aspects of travelling the world is religion. When you go to a place where people are religiously active, it is not rare to encounter those who try to persuade you to follow their paths or at least listen to their life-long stories of their faith. At least, you can research about some basic ideas and practices of the religion and how it is perceived in people’s life.

This will prevent you from being completely puzzled or feeling awkward. For those who do not have any particular faiths or do not prefer sharing it with others, preparing your answer when asked your religion would hugely save the moment. And in my personal experience, phrases like “I am grateful for the nature we have, all the people I meet, and the universe I can live on.

I respect different kinds of ways, so it’s like a bit mixed of everything” tend to work well. The important point is to let them believe that you respect their way of living and believing too.

And as gestures and a body language talk more than words, remember to put your calm and friendly nature, and leave some smiles to keep the atmosphere peaceful.

Some might want to keep asking and continue to a deeper conversation, but if you rather not to, then repeat it in a respectful manner and ask them more culture-related questions such as “Speaking of your country, what kind of famous festivals I could go?” instead. Show that you are still interested in their traditions without harmfully rejecting their questions. After all, it might all come down to a good communication skill.