When it comes to visa, many people get stressed and freaked out before even doing a 30 minutes research online.

It can be challenging especially if you are applying for the first time, but every authority has rather clear instructions and to whom you should be asking for helps if needed.

Perhaps what is most crucial is that you need to look into those details way in advance than you think. It is because some visas require you to start preparing documents and start the process up to one month prior to your departure.

For some countries you need to apply at their embassies, whilst for other countries you can simply acquire upon arrival.

So check the official websites of the country’s authorities, and simply list things and plan ahead. Although visa on arrival or what it’s called VOA tends to be cheaper options (if they are available to you), you would need to pay for visas no matter what.

You just have to accept this fact if you want to enjoy your exotic holiday with cocktails. When you are desperate, some services that offer help and do the applications on your behalf might appear attractive. But unfortunately, some of those are merely scams.

The truth is, visa application is a series of tick-boxes and if you do what they ask you to do, you can hardly mess it up. Another important point to check is if photos are required. The sizes are not universal, so check the details and make sure you have the latest ones ready.

There is no magical tip when visas are concerned. However, knowing is just enough to get you what you are after.