The clothes suitable for backpackers?

If you are backpacking, surely you are not going for a type of trip where you chill in a 5 star luxury hotels with your favourite summer outfits and look into a well-polished mirror to see how gorgeously accessorised you are.

There are some suitable fashions for backpackers and even if it may sound cliché to you, you would want to go with them for good reasons. First and foremost, waterproof jacket will be your best friend.

Obviously they will protect you from being wet, but most of the waterproof clothes also have a great function as drying quickly and keeping you warm.


They are suited for outdoor activities and in this respect it really does not matter if your destination often rains or not. From the similar perspective, fitness clothes will become handy. They are meant to dry your sweat adequately and support your active body with light and stretchy materials.

For a normal wander in towns, take your everyday nothing-special clothes or even slightly ragged ones depending on the country you are visiting. Assuming from the fact that you could afford traveling, you are fortunate than many others.

But once you are out of your familiar zone, there is no need to risk yourself by projecting such status on a street. Other types of clothes which are recommended are a zipped jumper and adjustable trousers. The zipped clothes are much easier to adjust your temperature and to change yourself quickly throughout a day. Adjustable trousers are good for the same reason, it will also save some space in your luggage. You don’t need to bring an extra pair as they can be your beach shorts or city walk trousers when you wish.