Take a copy of the passport

There is something which some people just do not see its importance when preparing for a trip – making a copy of the passport.

It’s not overly cautious people who do so. If you are crossing any boarders for whatever the reason is, you should bring a copy of your passport as well as other important documents such as your ID.

If you have a facility you can make it in colour, but this is not necessary. What you should rather know is that you need to make sure the right pages are copied.

The first page with your photo and all of your personal information is a must. If you already have a relevant visa stamped on a certain page, I recommend you to have a copy of that page too. And when you do make a copy, make at least few of them. I often make 2 and locate them in different places; one I carry with me all the time; one I put at the very bottom of the backpack.

If you only make one, you might lose it and will have fewer chances to remake a new copy. You would also put yourself in a difficult situation if, say, your backpack was stolen and you cannot prove your identity. For those who do not have a printer, try your family and friends first but remember that printing services are widely available at local stationary shops and printing companies.

If you know that you will be travelling more than once, you might as well want to get the copies ready for the future too. But once you made a copy, handle it carefully. It is a copy of your identity after all.