How to make the laundry

During your trip, it may not be always possible to do a laundry as you do like you are at home. But you don’t really want to be a filthy traveller when everyday would be your chance to meet great people on earth you would not meet otherwise.

So here are tips to do a laundry whilst you are on travel. First, you can use a big zip-locked bag that can be purchased at hiking or camping shops. It could be as big as your backpack and is made of a special material that is resistant for heavy water pressures.

You simply place your dirty clothes into the bag, with hot water and washing liquid. Mix them together for about 5 minutes and leave it for 10 minutes or more depending on the clothes and dirtiness. Then you rinse them with clean water besides a sink, that’s all! If you do not want to have such a special bag, perhaps more popular way is to use a sink and hand-wash your clothes in there.

Sometimes you might not find the drain plug, but you can create your own with your piece of clothes such as a sock. You wrap the sock in a plastic bag and simply cover the drain. Some local stores offer a coin laundromat if you cannot be bothered to do any of the above and spend extra coins.

They are good socialising places to meet other travellers or locals too. To dry your clothes, use your dry towels to help them get dry quickly. You can just place your garment on a dry towel and roll it up tightly as if you pack your sleeping bag. The travel laundry ropes would be a great item to hang your clothes after, as you might need to dry them indoor.