How to make luggage to compact

Looking at the ocean of stuff you prepared to pack, you may feel it’s a mission impossible.

And we know that the last thing you want is to compromise what you can bring to your journey. What you need to know then is how to pack your items in the best possible way. First, place extra shoes such as flip-flops at the bottom as they are unlikely to be used until you actually get to the destination. Second, when you pack your clothes, don’t fold them individually. Instead, pile each clothes one by one like sheets of paper.

Once you done with every clothes you bring, tuck in the bits which are unevenly hanged out. Then carefully place the whole chunk into your suitcase or backpack. You will see that there are many odd spaces after you do so, and here your socks and underwear come handy.

They go perfectly in these random gaps and you literally squeeze them in there. If you bring some valuable items such as laptops and cameras, use your towels and more socks or underwear to protect them and insert them in the middle of the clothes piles without pushing them down to the bottom.

The piles will keep them in a stable position and it is also hard to reach from outside whilst is easy for you to take out. The rest of small stuff can go into pockets. Trust me, you don’t want to drag everything out to find a small nail clipper that is slipped down the bottom. Now, whether you can bring your luggage back in the same compacted manner would be another question…