How to choose the backpack

When choosing your backpack, you better ask some right questions. The better questions you ask, the more chances you end up with a backpack you love for life.

Here are some tips and ideas for you, but remember, you might need several trips to stores to find “the one”. First, probably the most important point of consideration is if the backpack fits your back and shoulder. Everybody has different body shapes and when you find the one you truly feel comfortable with, it can empower your ability to go further and longer.


The best way to check is to fill it with some materials. You can ask a shop assistant to put something in it to have real weight, and I recommend you to go for a little wander in the store. And check if the straps can be fitted tightly without you sacrificing the normal breathing. Also check whether the lumbar support pad is wide enough to support your back and not too firm or soft.


Many manufacturers sell ones with waterproof functions, but not every ‘waterproof’ label deserves its functionality as there are different resistance levels. If you know that you will be in tropical areas where rainfalls are a norm, you may want to upgrade it to protect your contents properly. Backpacks also vary in sizes. Even if your length of journey is fairly long, choose the size which is proportionate to your height so that you can balance the total weight. Some brands offer fancy but pricy backpacks.

If you go for those brands, make sure you do your research about the companies. Good backpack brands do have a dedicated department for constant researching and developing of their products through hearings with professional hikers. They often offer maintenance support when you happen to encounter issues with them too. You would get what you pay for, and the products can be passed down for generations.