Bring a Laptop

Minimizing the volume of your luggage is the essential must-do for backpackers. Surely, you prioritise things from the survival point of view, but I don’t know how many people would decide to bring their laptops.

The answer is, you should. First, a concept such as carrying a diary to be a cool backpacker died out ages ago. Let’s face it – why scrabbles would suddenly become much more appreciated when pretty much everything in your life is so digitally managed? Your laptop should have made it easy for you to plan this journey from the first place, and your dependency won’t change just because you go across the ocean.

For all the pictures and the videos, your laptop will most likely be the storage destination. Once I dropped my camera into a river in Thailand, but the copies I put onto my laptop on a previous night saved me from being miserable and possibly ruining the rest of the day. Secondly, as most of the hostels now have “free Wi-Fi”, it is by far winning when you have your own laptop.

It gives you much more flexibility when searching your local attractions, booking transports or places, checking your bank balance, etc. and the list goes on. It also saves time and hassle. You may want to be brave and spontaneous but exploring without knowledge and preparation is not so wise when you don’t even speak the local languages. Lastly, it will let the amazing network you made during the trip naturally kept in a loop. It could be via social media, email address, Skype ID, whatever the channel is, it’ll be your best secretary. So take your laptop, it will surely maximise your experience, not the opposite.