Backpacker guide book


As there are so many different guide books on a market, you might now know which one is the best to get. The truth is, it is you who decides which is the best for you, and that is why publishers are trying to market different targets.

What is ‘best’ depends on your preference and what you are looking for from your trip. – Is it good food experience? Good nightlife experience? Good natural exploration? Or good relaxing experience? According to your need, set your criteria what you expect to obtain from a guide book. Another point would be the picture-word ratio of the book.

It is understandable that you can be more attracted to the one with full of glamorous pictures to excite you. But if you think about it, you will see them for real soon and it will be nothing compared to those pictures anyway. Some books may use second class quality paper with just a few captions of photos but with rich information.

Once you purchase your favorited guide book, you should also know that the guide book is there to ‘guide’ you, not to ‘control’ you. When you arrive at your destined country, use all the information as a good starting point.
For example, in recent years there are online guidebook
These are seen anywhere if there is a smartphone

There might be some local festivals and events which are not advertised on those books, sometimes it is only the locals who know the best restaurants there.

Also ask the staff at your accommodation or your backpack fellows you meet during the trip to verify the information in the book and keep your schedules flexible. With the pool of knowledge in the book and your willingness to go beyond, your amazing trip is guaranteed.